Kent County Council Framework Agreement: What is it and How Does it Work?

The Kent County Council (KCC) is a local government authority that serves the people of Kent in Southeast England. To ensure efficient and effective procurement of goods and services, the KCC uses a framework agreement. In this article, we will explain what a framework agreement is, how the KCC uses it, and what benefits it offers to suppliers and buyers.

What is a Framework Agreement?

A framework agreement is a procurement tool used by public authorities to establish pre-approved suppliers for specific goods or services. It is a long-term contract between the authority and a select group of suppliers who have met the required standards. The agreement outlines the terms and conditions for buying goods or services over a specified period, usually between two to four years, with a possible extension.

The KCC Framework Agreement

The KCC has established a framework agreement to streamline the procurement process for its services. The framework includes a wide range of services from building maintenance to waste management.

To be included in the framework, suppliers must undergo a rigorous selection process based on their competencies, experience, and other criteria set by the KCC. Once selected, the suppliers are included in the framework for a specific period and can bid for any work that falls under the framework`s scope. The KCC evaluates the bids based on the pre-agreed criteria.

Benefits of the Framework Agreement

For Suppliers:

Being included in the KCC framework agreement offers several benefits to suppliers. Firstly, it provides participants access to a steady stream of opportunities to sell their services to the KCC. This means that suppliers do not have to go through a lengthy procurement process for each of their services.

Secondly, the framework agreement simplifies the tendering process. This is because the tendering process is already pre-approved, making the process quicker and more straightforward. This, in turn, saves suppliers time and resources that they can invest in other business areas.

Thirdly, being part of the KCC framework agreement enhances suppliers` credibility. This is because it is a badge of approval from a reputable authority, which can attract new customers.

For Buyers:

For buyers, the framework agreement offers a streamlined procurement process. The pre-agreed criteria ensures that any suppliers included in the agreement meet the minimum requirements for quality, experience and have been vetted. This reduces risk and time spent on the procurement process.

Secondly, it consistently drives down costs over the long-term as the framework has already pre-agreed rates. This helps save allocated budget, which can be invested in other areas.

Lastly, the Framework Agreement helps ensure that the KCC gets value for money. This is because it helps avoid overpaying suppliers, which can occur in a non-framework environment.


The KCC framework agreement is an essential procurement tool for the council, as it helps streamline the procurement process for both suppliers and buyers. It also offers benefits such as reduced risk and cost savings over the long-term. Therefore, suppliers and buyers can benefit from exploring opportunities within the KCC framework agreement.

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